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Jeff Lauder is the owner and operator of Jeff Lauder Cubes. His history and experience in the furniture business goes back to the early 90’s. Jeff has worked for new and refurbished dealers in the Salt Lake area and started Cube Office Designs in 1997.


He grew the company to annual sales of nearly 2 million dollars, and employed a staff of 25 people. In 2005, Jeff sold the company and started up JD Lauder, an independent furniture broker. Jeff has earned a reputation of honesty, quality and unmatched customer service.


My Commitment To You: “Over the last 20 years I have learned a great deal in the office furniture business. Buying from a large dealer or refurbisher does not always guarantee the best value and service. As an independent broker, you will work with me from beginning to end on your furniture project. I can give you the most competitive prices, and have access to inventories from all over the country. I guarantee that your purchase will be hassle free, quick and most importantly affordable.” Jeff Lauder